BostonFIG Talks Sponsor Information

BostonFIG Talks is intended to be a platform for independent designers and developers to share and showcase with one another their learnings in order to foster community, teach valuable lessons, and start dynamic conversations in the independent game creator space about how and why we create games.

The event will feature three main tracks, Game Design, Game Development and Game Business. We are hoping for a wide mix of topics from all different sides of game creation– not just digital games but also tabletop, live action, and experimental game forms, since we believe that all game creation is valuable and can create engaging experiences.


This event is aimed at designers and developers, and for people who are interested in getting started creating games of their own. We expect 200+ game creators across many mediums to attend as well as give talks on a wide variety of topics surrounding game creation.

If you interested in sponsoring BostonFIG Talks, you can learn more by emailing us at [email protected]