About BostonFIG Talks

BostonFIG Talks is a platform for independent designers and developers to share and showcase their knowledge with one another. Through BostonFIG Talks, we hope to foster community, teach valuable lessons, and start dynamic conversations about how and why we create independent games.

The event features discussions on game design, game development, business development, and more on being an indie game developer.


BostonFIG Talks is focused on engaging with designers, developers, and anyone who is interested in creating games across many mediums.

What to Expect

Informative talks and panels about design, development, and business. Network with game hobbyists and professionals, pick up an awesome t-shirt, and enjoy amazing food (BostonFIG Talks includes 2 meals).


BostonFIG Talks is an annual event held in the early months of the year. Dates are announced a few months in advance, so check back here for more information or follow us on social media: @BostonFIG on Twitter and BostonFIG on Facebook.